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  • “Bar-barella”?! WTF.
    Bite me. It’s a cool movie and the name works.
  • So how can I do a pull-up?
    I suggest you start with this post, then maybe this one. Then buy a pull-up bar or go to the park and start training.
  • What about a muscle-up?
    Tutorial coming, once mine are clean enough to write with any authority on the subject.
  • Pull-ups, muscle ups – seriously? Are you insane?!
    Why, yes. I am.
  • You never talk about cardio…
    That’s not a question. But no, I don’t. Extended bouts of cardio – 30km bike rides, 10km runs, hours on the cross trainer etc. don’t fit my goals, nor do I believe they are that worthwhile. I do interval training – burpees, plyometrics and kicking stuff (you can take the girl out of the dojo, but…) – for intense short bursts (usually the Tabata protocol). Basically, if your cardio doesn’t make your heart race and your breathing heavy, I don’t believe it’s worth doing. (Yes, I am aware that there’s a filthy joke in there somewhere).
  • I have a suggestion for a post/would like to send you chocolates, flowers and/or a freshly killed bunny rabbit. How do I get hold of you?
    You can email me at barbarellablog@gmail.com

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