The dreaded first post

I promised various people I’d keep a blog whilst I’m away, something that makes me nervous (I’m not a great writer and definitely prone to blathering) but mildly excited (being able to record memories, plus of course tell everyone of the wonderful existence that is Fi’s Life). I also specifically promised someone that my first post would contain reviews (although more likely they will be recommendations) of good restaurants to visit in London, since they were so impressed with the one I took them to last week, a matter which I will address below.

Before that, however, I wanted to do a quick bit of gushing to (and about) my amazing friends who joined me on Friday or Saturday night to celebrate the wondrous (and long-time-coming) event that is my leaving. Friday was, in retrospect, a bit of a blur of people that I didn’t get enough time to chat to properly – sorry about that. Many drinks were enjoyed on the awesome Tamesis Dock, with particularly strong representation from the Ohku Kai and C360 contingents. The night culminated with some fun (but probably brutal whilst sober) aikido/karate throws on a small patch of grass in front of the rather posh Riverbank Plaza Hotel with my fellow Axis of Evil dweller, Nick. By the time we’d got home (a mere 3 minutes away) it was 3am and things were starting to go downhill. The next morning I was woken up by my father who had come to help move my stuff out. He’d arrived 15 minutes earlier than he said he would, and a whole quarter of an hour before my alarm clock was even due to go off. Luckily he was on top form and used his masterful skills of tesellation to ensure all my junk fitted neatly in the car.

The Saturday evening saw a few of us have a BBQ and burn stuff in my dads chiminea (sp?!). What started with sticks and bits of paper soon escalated into pouring entire cups of vodka and gin in. Let’s just say that I rarely use the phrase “so exciting I might pee” seriously, but this was certainly one such occasion. See for yourself here:

OK, on with the food…

I’ll start with Tre Viet – a Vietnamese on Mare Street in Bethnal Green. You can check out a short review here, but in summary I can say it’s: fresh, tasty, cheap, and not too spicy. It’s BYO booze, which is always a winner, but nice enough to go on a date or to take the ‘rentals.

Next up is Pham in Barbican. A great range of Japanese food made, weirdly, by Vietnamese. However, don’t be put off by this – it’s as authentic as any of the Japanese I’ve eaten in London. Try the nasu dengaku – yum. It’s cheaper than most Japanese places, but mid-priced by general standards. Space can be a little bit tight upstairs, but the service more than makes up for it.

Finally (almost) is Woo Jung – an awesome Korean on St Giles High Street. Great range of freshly prepared Korean food, including amazing bibimbap and Korean pancakes. Drink Hite or OB beer, and finish with a ginseng tea.

There is another restaurant I wanted to mention – an amazing Chinese (not your usual MSG-laden fare) in Bethnal Green, but I’ve forgotten the name, so including it seemed futile. Ali – can you remember?!

Oh, one more thing… Just to point out the obvious,mainly before someone else does, I didn’t exactly discover these myself… Pham and Woo Jung I was taken to by Gaby and Sam (more on them later…) and the other two by my sister (the aforementioned Ali).

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  1. silky junior says:

    I’m proud to be part of your culinary tour of London.

  2. Fi says:

    What’s that restaurant called though?!! I can’t remember, even though it was something quite obvious… You should get the boy to take you and report back ;)

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