Two hours later, I am still at college having failed to be able to get any money out using my debit card, despite using cash machines that should work. I fear that my lovely lovely bank have blocked it, this despite me telling them I was coming to Japan and using it at the airport to give them an extra hint. Bugger bugger bugger (I just deleted a somewhat harsher stream of expletives that started with the letter “c” and had endings as varied as “t”, “y” and “untingdon”).

To further stress me out, the college admin people have just come and asked for the okane. If I can’t get hold of my bank to sort this out I will have to use all my travellers cheques, and even then I don’t think they will be enough.


Time for a fag methinks! Then on to the 7/11 to buy a phone card.

(Ahem, yes, I am on the second packet that I have bought since arriving. Not exactly started again, but they do go so well with the beer of an evening!)

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