Last weekend

It’s Friday, so time for a rushed post about last weekend!

Saturday saw the Suzuki’s and Fiona-san jump on a boat fom Toyosu up the Sumida River to Asakusa. It’s a 45 minute trip and although it lacks the scenic views that a trip on the Thames offers, the fact that the boat itself is so high tech it makes spaceships seem basic more than made up for it. We had tempura for lunch at a well-known local restaurant called the “Big Black House” (obviously in Japanese) that specialises tempura that is darker than your average variety. Whilst it was good, I actually think the ten don’s from the restaurant round the corner from college are better.

After wandering around the temples for a while they headed home and I went on to Shibuya to meet up with some friends from college for dinner and drinks.

Shibuya is absolutely mental. I guess Leicester Square is the closest comparison in London, but here everyone looks immaculate and stylish, as opposed to the majority of people in Leicester Square who are either wearing tracksuits, slutty miniskirts or are backpack-sporting tourists. There are hundreds of restaurants, bars and shops, and many buildings that look like offices actually have more clubs, pool halls and arcades on each floor. There are also neon lights everywhere, and combined with the noise of the people and the pachinko parlours, the place feels pretty crazy.

We had ramen for dinner, then settled down in a bar which opened on to the street. We soon discovered a very weird thing – if you make eye contact with Japanese guys sometimes they wave at you. Whereas if you did this back home men would invariably come over, talk to you and crack onto you, here all they did was wave. How cute! This rapidly turned into a bit of a challenge – whether we could make eye contact and get a wave before they disappeared out of sight. Men, women, people in cars, even policemen all became fair game and the evening slipped away in a haze of waving and biiru. Until, that was, we realised we had to get our arses home or risk missing the last tube.

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