I am feeling generally crappy. I took yesterday (Monday) off college as I woke up and my throat was really sore. After telling Yukiko that college was off the agenda I put my earplugs back in (a godsend with the kids and the yappy dog from hell) and went back to bed. When I awoke it was 1pm! I spent the rest of the day reading my hiragana/katakana textbook in an attempt to get my reading level up to something beyond that of a four year old. The highlight of the day was sushi for lunch from the place in Toyosu that is never open when I walk past it in the morning, but is when I’m heading home for dinner. Went back to bed at 9pm as wanted to be well rested for college today, which I was although my throat still hurts and I feel like I am waiting for the snot to unleash itself. Also, I missed Shorinji yesterday and the chance to check out a Wado dojo (something that has been on the cards for a long time now!) today. If I’m honest I think the words “overdoing it” spring to mind! Training three times a week, running twice, seeing friends, drinking, trying to sightsee where possible and learning a language that makes my brain feel like its dribbling onto my shoulder are obviously taking their toll more than I realised! Ah well – I have bought some vitamin C and after a few days rest I’m sure I’ll be back to normal.

I’m heading to Shinjuku Gyoen – “regarded as being one of the most important gardens in Japan” – now, before going home to cook spaghetti bolognase for the family :) Am considering doing some garlic bread too, and I may even pick up a bottle of wine for the full Italian experience (although probably not red – not sure that would really go down well with the Japanese pallete!).

Also, I have just emailed Interac to enquire about the best way to apply for an ALT position – keep your fingers crossed!

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