So, a few things to report.

1. I have just emailed my CV off to Interac, who got back to me this morning asking for a copy of it. I tarted it up to boost my teaching experience (admitedly only really the Kick/Boxercise qualifications) and mentioned how I had been giving casual English tuition to my host family (I have – yesterday was the word “messy” – not related to the fact I cooked, ohnosiree). Keep your fingers crossed!

2. I am just emailing a friend from old-work who is a photographer but, like, rillyrilly busy, so I quickly threw together a Flickr set of my favourite photos to email her. So if you’re too busy (and/or lazy) to plough through them all, have a look here.

3. In news from the Department of Sneakiness, Kousei wants a break from the family so has proposed we join one of his colleagues for sushi and sake. Part of this plan involves not telling Yukiko, who would come along and bring the kids. I feel somewhat guilty, but given that it was his idea I am trying not to think about it!

OK, off for an early night now as drank a bit too much sake last night and woke up about 4am unable to get back to sleep.

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