Sword pr0n

It was pissing down with rain yesterday (and still is) so I went to the Tokyo National Museum with Celine, a new girl in class. She is cool – French, old like me, does ju jitsu and is going to do a weeks Aikido course at the Yoshinkan dojo my friend Sam trained at.

Anyhow, the museum was amazing – check out some photos here. It also had a collection of swords, and so I thought I’d do a special post for Nick (and any other weapons junkies) with some photos. I have only put a few here – the rest are residing in their own Flickr set, which I will no doubt add to over the course of my time in Japan.

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  1. silky junior says:

    i’m guessing that ‘pron’ was polite form of another similar word…hehe

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