I’ve been offline for a few days, superbusy with lots to blog and a tonne of photos to upload. However, I am interrupting all that excitement to tell you something weird…

Occasionally I get weird messages through Flickr and YouTube. Like the guy on YouTube who wanted me to tell him all about me since (I discovered, after googling his username) he got off on watching girls fight. And the person on Flickr who has a group for Trangia camping cookers and wanted to add my photos from the trip to the Isle of Wight I made recently with my sister and her husband.

Today, I just logged into Flickr to find someone had commented on one of the photos I took of my broken toe (the first time). I had commented on it way back in August to say that it was my most popular photo and couldn’t figure out why.

Well, now I know.


In slightly happier news, I have also been asked to add this photo to a group called “Aga Love”.

You gotta love the internets.

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