Another random survey

There are loads of random surveys of Japanese people posted on blogs or written up in the English-language press, and since I’m just doing my final preparations for this afternoon’s interview (read – “procrastinating”) I thought I’d post this one:

“Of the 410 women in their 20s or 30s surveyed, 40.5 percent said that they
talk to their computer. Among the reasons given for conversing with the machines
were: “I chat incessantly to my computer when I’m working,” from one woman,
while another said, “I’ll get onto a ridiculous site and say something like
‘That was stupid’ out aloud.” Freezes in computers were a frequent trigger for
some women to talk to them.

Talking to oneself at regular times was also common, with 59.2 percent
of those surveyed saying that they did it. Stress was a frequent trigger for
women to start talking to themselves, such as when caught driving behind a slow
driver or upon making a mistake. Some women even said they started talking to
themselves at times for no particular reason.

Women who talked to themselves commonly felt “lonely” or “disgusted with themselves,” according to the probe.

Another finding was that 10.2 percent of women gave their computer a
nickname, with common ones including “Mac-kun” and “Pasoko”, but more esoteric
monikers including “Pudding” or “Princess”.”

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