Beer and grilled meats

Day 1 of several nights of partying started after I got back from Osaka. Agneta and her friend Andy arrived about 8.30 that night. I got the first kiss-on-the-cheek hello for over two months! Quite weird, actually – the Japanese are ultra-reserved about PDA’s and I’d kind of forgotten they even exist. Handshakes are about as far as things go here!
Anyhow, to celebrate their arrival we did the traditional thing and went out boozing. This happened to be at a yakitori place round the corner from the guesthouse, so of course we were forced to indulge in a multitude of meaty goodness, including chicken heart, pork liver and crispy chicken skin. We also spotted the girls next door to us –
– eating chips (or furaido poteto) so promptly ordered some of those too. Naturally, copious amounts of beer were required to wash it all down with. The chef was a dude and had a good English vocab which included the word “scrumptious”. We helped him expand it by teaching him the word “c*nt”, and he improved our nihongo by teaching us to say “thanks and take care” in the Osakan dialect, plus a swear word that we promptly forgot.

Being a bit of a mentalist (he is Welsh) Andy inspired a happy relationship to develop between us, the barman/chef and the other patrons, as you will see from this picture.

We got home about 2am, after swinging by the combini for late night munchies. Extra bad given that it was only about 200m between the yakitori place and the guesthouse. Still, we discovered the joys of breakfast o-nigiri – tomato ketchup flavoured rice wrapped in omlette. Yum.

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