Murataya Ryokan

Although this isn’t a very posh ryokan – the really good ones cost at least five times the price of this – it’s still charming and homely. My room is massive, and very traditional (sorry – this photo is lame):

Futon – check, tatami mats – check, hanging scroll – check, tea set – check. Less traditional is the TV, but hey – you need some modern comforts! When I was in the bath the manageress came and added another duvet, which pushed the total up to one rug/sheet combo and two duvets. I think this might just be the best bed I’ve ever slept in. It’s freezing here but I was toasty and warm in my futon :)

Behind the screen in the first photo is another small room thing with a heater in, and then behind that are two glass doors leading out into the small courtyard garden. Although it was dark when I arrived yesterday, I managed to snap some photos today. This is with the shoji half open:

And this is the garden:

The stone ornaments are wrapped in straw to protect them from frost. Now is clearly the time for this practise – all over town I’ve seen people wrapping things up, from walls to trees!

I am going to grab a bath before heading out for some food, so will have to do my other post (about what I actually did here) later or tomorrow.

In case you’ve come across this post via Google, and want to know what I think of the place, the answer is this: I like it and I would recommend you stay here :) It’s in a great location, the owners are friendly and helpful, and it’s really quiet. Plus they have free internets – w00t! Their website is here.

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