Retrospectively speaking

I feel like I should be doing some kind of retrospective post, especially with Christmas looming and all this sentimentality flying around. Y’know – talking about how great the trip was, my low points, high points, favourite food, how much I missed all my friends and all that kind of crap. In reality, I’m not sure that’s going to happen. I may complete a few half-finished blog posts (*ahem*) and write and post a few more but that will pretty much be it.

This one is just to address a number of complaints I’ve had about not putting enough photos of me on the blog. I mean seriously – there’s a good reason for that :P However, when I was at the Suzuki Number 1’s place they took loads of photos and Kousei gave me a CD of them before I left. Here is a selection of the more amusing ones:

Daijiro always pulls funny faces:
Well-adjusted kids ;)
Chef at work:
At the Tokyo Tower:
Jan Ken Pon – Japanese “rock, paper, scissors” with the boys:
“What is that?!”
Trying to look like I didn:t have a mouthful of food:
This was a pretty average scene at home – complete chaos. In this instance, Daijiro and I are playing “kick the bouncy ball” whilst Kentaro is playing “torment the dog”.

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