The Uronza Guesthouse

I am staying at this place for six whole nights, my longest stretch since the homestays. My friend Ageneta and her friend are coming to stay here later this week so I thought I’d do a quick post for their benefit, and for anyone else who stumbles across this via Google or whatever (you may laugh at this prospect, but I actually booked it on the basis of someone elses reccommendation on Flickr – go go internet power!).

It is in an old wooden building, so very characterful, but also totally devoid of any kind of insulation, and therefore bloody freezing. The picture above show the table outside my room, and through that door is the outside – a sink is just on the left, and the toilet beyond that). There are heaters in the rooms and in the main living area by the reception (if you can call a long haired dude on a computer a “reception”), but most other things are outside, or may as well be. The shower is accessed from outside, as are the toilets (luckily one has a warm seat cover) and the washing machine. The kitchen (which is very well equipped) may as well be outside, as really may all the other common areas (stairs etc.). I think this is pretty cool, but then I am a hippy. A hippy that has brought lots of warm clothes. Being here in summer would be awesome though, as there are lots of cool seating areas, like a leather sofa outside on the balcony overlooking the cute garden.

My room is nice and big – more than enough space to do my morning stretching/exercise routine, which I have been forced to reinstate since I am getting fat due to excessive meat and booze consumption. The futon is comfy (two mattresses) and the bedding sufficient (one duvet and two blankets). Getting up is hard, as you are warm and the air is not, but by placing the heater near your head and waiting a mere 15 minutes in your cosy nest, getting up is achievable. Being here in summer would be awesome though, as there are lots of cool seating areas, like a leather sofa outside on the balcony overlooking the cute garden.

The location seems handy enough so far – it’s a bus ride from the main station and then a five minute walk. Instructions are on the website. There is a supermarket and a couple of combini’s nearby. plus the worlds cheapest bento shop – just 250 yen (about one pound 75p) for a good range of (mainly fried) things with rice, pickles etc.

I have put some of my photos on this post (I may update it with more later) but if you’re interested in seeing some of other peoples, then have a look here.

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3 Responses

  1. Lina says:

    hey thanks for your review! im gonna go there on March! i’ve already made a reservation! im really excited to stay there!

  2. says:

    No problem! It was a great place to stay, but beware that it could be quite cold in Kyoto at the moment. I think I’ve done another post with some cool places to go in Kyoto if you’re interested.

  3. CARPE DIEM says:

    I have booked this Guest House from December the 30th to January the 3rd but after reading your blog I’m not sure if I choose the right place to stay during the winter!:-(
    It sounds like a great place to stay because of its character but another time of the year…Is it really that cold?
    Could you also tell me how far it is from Gion and centre of Kyoto?

    Many thanks.

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