I’m writing this eating kare raisu made with curry paste I had left over from Hakuba. I’ve even got Japanese rice to go with it. Yum. Of course, I had to add some extra chilli flakes – even the “hot” brand of sauce is positively harmless by our standards. The curry is to celebrate the fact that I’m 6kg down since the 1st January – woo. This does mean that losing a further 4kg in the next 10 days (in order to hit my 10kg in a month goal) is looking somewhat unlikely, although to be fair the only excercise I’ve done recently was three hours of karate on Sunday, so maybe if I hit the gym I can manage it. God I’ve missed rice though! I had to make a small pan lest I go on a rice binge and eat so much that I collapse in a big, swollen heap.

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