Raining cats (not dogs)

You may know that we have semi-adopted the neighbors cat, Lilly. She’s really cute and uber-friendly. Now, normally when Lilly wants in, she paws against the windows to my right (the computer is in the basement but with a couple of ground-level windows) and we let her in and ply her with the milk and attention she so desperately craves. She rarely comes round at night, I guess preferring her own home. Tonight, however, it’s on-the-verge-of-a-hurricane rainy and I heard a weird noise that wasn’t stuff blowing around outside, or the heating making strange sounds. I looked up and just about made out the form of a very wet cat desperately pawing at the window. She was so wet I had to dry her with a towel before letting her in, and evidently thirsty because she just stuck her head in my glass of water to get a drink (niiiice). Now she’s settled down on the half-finished rug that Mum’s making whilst I keep watch to ensure she doesn’t try to kill it with her razor-claws. Otherwise it’ll be trouble of both of us ;)

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