The Effects of the GFM(tm) on small furry animals

We all know that the Global Financial Meltdown(tm) is Very Bad, and that things are going to get preeeeeety tight around here. Well, it seems that here in Blighty things with one of our major food companies have taken a turn for the worst. Walkers, purveyours of a fine range of crisps, have just announced that they are releasing a new flavour – Cajun Squirrel. I nearly didn’t believe this, but the myriad press coverage suggests it’s real.

To be honest, it’s not the only flavour they are launching – it’s one of six recipes to be shortlisted to go on temporary sale to fight for the worthy position of “top selling weird new crisp flavour”. One of the following will eventually be on sale full-time: Fish and Chips, Builders Breakfast, Duck and Hoi Sin sauce, Chilli and Chocolate, Onion Bhaji and, of course, that well-known and loved dish, Cajun Squirrel.

*shoehorns in gratuitous butchery*

Of course, here at the Silk Family, we are already one step of the cruve, having prepared, eaten and even preserved our very own cajun squirrel dinner a whole two years ago.

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