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Continuing the theme of ranty posts with a slightly seedy undertone, I’ve just read that on Amazon Japan you can buy a PC game called “レイプレイ”, which translates phonetically to “reipurai”. Say that out loud a few times and you’ll realise that it sounds remarkably similar to the words “rape” and “play” (add a Japanese accent to get round the pesky L) and indeed you wouldn’t be wrong in thinking that is exactly what they are.

Japan’s attitude to sex can be described as “odd” at the best of times, and “downright depraved” at the worst, and it’s more than a bit disturbing to learn that such a major online retailer sells a game in which the primary aim is to rape women, with the secondary aim of ensuring she never gives birth (otherwise she will throw the male character under a train). Up until Keith Vaz (him of Sweary Boris fame) got involved, you could buy it in the UK, but Amazon pulled it yesterday, although you can still see the cached page.

I won’t comment any further on this – I think you can guess what my thoughts on the matter are. If you want to read more it’s covered in the Telegraph and (if you’re not at work) there’re screen shots at the bottom of this page.

[EDIT: Quite a good review of this here. Seems it’s getting picked up by a lot of gaming sites now]

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