If you’re in the UK you probably know that the country is covered in several inches of snow, and the ‘Mere is no exception. It was snowing before I went to bed last night but it was a pleasant surprise to wake up to over 10cm of the stuff. Admittedly, not as pleasant as it would have been if I owned a snowboard, but hey – musn’t grumble!

The only downside to this seasonal treat is that the house is absobloodylutely freezing. Mum had said she’d leave the heating on all day, but about 2 hours ago I discovered that the reality of this uncharacteristic generosity was that she’d set the thermostat to 16 degrees (a temperature which would be illegally cold if this was a school). Despite my wearing long-johns and a vest, it remains chilly and I have decided the only option is hiding in the basement and watching Lost whilst resting my feet on the heater.

More pics here.

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