I got back from Bangor,, Wales yesterday, having spent a few days with Middle Sister. It was good to get out of the depths of Surrey, chilled out as it is, mainly as she’s an awesome host rather than anything due to Wales itself, which is a bit miserable. Despite the less-than-ideal weather, we did some walks on the beach:

Checked out an old priory:

And walked past a sheep that had just given birth. It was staring at us rather than tending to its newborn, which worried us a bit. Now we’re racked with guilt that we provided a more interesting sight than licking the mucus and slime off its baby, whom it may have ignored a little too much, IYKWIM. Luckily for you, no photos of this.

We also share a love of food, so I don’t need to say how much we ate and drank… I used to be a chef, my sister’s Cordon Bleu trained and her husband is Indonesian and an amazing cook. I made my Chinese vegetarian dish of aubergines and tofu with a yellow bean sauce, plus my savoury-ish wholemeal banana, raisin and nut muffins. We made sushi together (it looks a bit “rustic” – a nice way of saying “a total mess” – but it was gooooood):

On the last night we had an Indonesian feast with loads of krupuk and emping, plus chicken curry and spicy tomato eggs, with loads of rice. I’d got a good Gewurtzraminer (Chilean, Co-op’s own, £4.99) which went down a treat :)

I made a sock monkey as a thanks-for-having-me pressie but I forgot to get a photo of him. His name’s Otis though, and he looks pretty happy on the mantelpiece :)

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