Damn good kicking

I was just reading an interview with my current Sensei, Corin Pegden, in which he said he’d most like to train with a Japanese instructor called Seiji Nishimura. I hadn’t heard of him, but it turns out he’s pretty big in the Wado world, and has been a Karate World Champion himself, as well as trained competitors in later years. One of the first results in Google is a YouTube video titled “Seiji Nishimura’s kick”. It’s pretty impressive! Tassie can do something similar and I’ve had a go when messing about after class, but there is no way either of us would ever attain the speed that this guy has!

YouTube has a number of other good videos of him, including this amazing compilation of kumite clips.

If I’m lucky, maybe I’ll get to train with him one day :)

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