Couple of quick posts from the intaneto cafe. Over the weekend we went to a couple of parks to check out the cherry blossoms. They’re not totally out yet but the parks were still heaving with people sitting around having picnics and drinking sake. So funny to see grown men staggering around drunk at 2pm!

I have been invited to a Hanami party next Saturday by Kosei from the homestay, so hopefully I will get to join in the fun ;)

A few photos from Shinjuku Koen and Yoyogi Park:

Strawberry Shortcake meets Alice in Wonderland for a fight in a fruit shop. I think they look ridiculous, but hey.

Hana hugs a tree :)

Shinjuku park. This was one of the less busy parts!

Once The Company tell me where the buggery I will be on Saturday, I plan to accept Kosei’s invitation and drink sake with wild abandon.

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