Quick post from the 100yen/10 minute internet computer (expensive, hence no emails will be sent at this time). Am at training at a hotel in Narita. It’s pretty good. I’m sharing my room with a really cool American girl called Meredith, and we get two meals a day, including an awesome breakfast buffet with such delights as kari raisu, dim sum and broccoli. Just had a huge Chinese lunch too.

Training itself is actually really good – very thorough and the Interac staff are fun and the standards high. We had an amazing guy for our first session – an Indian South African called Cedric! – who was a truly inspirational teacher. It made even my jaded self quite excited about the prospect of teaching. The hours are long though – 8am – 5pm, and today our breakfast slot was at 6.15am. Bleurgh. There are over 100 of us here, so we’re split into groups for mealtimes.

Still no news of a placement, but there are loads of other “alternates” (including Meredith) which is a bit more reassuring. They told us today that they are waiting to confirm a contract requiring 19 teachers on the 26th, so that may be us. Now I just need to find out where it is. Not quite sure where we’ll be living whilst we wait yet, but apparently we’ll be told that tomorrow. A bit annoying but trying to remain chilled about it all.

Am going now – 45 seconds left. L8rz ;P

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