Leaving, on a jet train

My Shinkansen leaves for Nagoya at 7.40am tomorrow morning. I have to get out of the hotel at 6.30am. As if this weren’t bad enough, I must do so in “business attire”. Bleurgh. We’re being met at the station by someone whose name I now forget, then going to a hotel for one night.

They (The Company) have sorted apartments for us (4 of us) in Dotoku, which is closer to Nagoya than Chita. I hope the apartment is at least nice, otherwise I will gripe. Also, I’m bummed that four other Interacers, especially people I’m not particularly close to, will be in the same building. I like being independent and get pissed off with those who aren’t, who have a tendency to latch onto me, as if I will provide them with some kind of help or a life. Yes, that is completely intolerant of me, but years of doing my own thing have made me a wee bit selfish. One of the girls who will be in the same block travelled from the office back to the hotel with Laura and I the other day, and literally every three minutes asked me whether we were going the right way, despite me assuring her that it was my fifth time visiting the office. Grrr.

Anyhow, bitching aside, I am going to head back to the hotel to finish packing! I think… *crosses fingers* that I’m going to be able to fit the contents of The Box into the cases. We will see in the morning…

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2 Responses

  1. Mark says:

    Is this the right blog?


  2. Silky j says:

    Anti-social git ;) Good luck with the move, let me know what it’s like x

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