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Sadly, these aren’t mine. They happened to a friend, who shall remain nameless (in part because I haven’t asked her permission to re-post bits of her email, but also because they have some private information abouit someone else). Nothing very funny has happened to me recently, apart from having to hide behind my monitor at the schools computers when I read these, lest the important Suit (every school has four Suits that sit at the front of the staffroom) sitting opposite caught me giggling like a loon.

“I finally asked him if he was gay – a confirmed yes. I had to ask after we spent an entire evening watching Will and Grace clips on YouTube”
Cliched, but funny. I have to say it never crossed my mind that the person concerned would be gay, but now I can see that it fits. He’s such a lovely guy that really it isn’t surprising at all.

“…Other than the day in/day out routine, everything is quite normal. I’ve only been properly drunk here once, and that was last weekend in the middle of the day when I drank a whole bottle of wine, and then fell off my bike into a bakery shops flower bed on my way home. I’m still kinda achy from that, but [name redacted!] had a good chuckle.”

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  1. giuntacore says:

    I should totally put this person on blast. Cause she’s a wino who falls off her bike in broad daylight, and forces gay men to come out of the closet when they clearly don’t. But no, I won’t put a honkie from West Virginia on blast.

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