Kamezaki Shiohimatsuri

A few pics of the festival for you (the rest are here:

[Bit of a rant incoming…]

It was quite good fun, although I ended up spending most of the day with one of my teachers who I don’t really know that well and who doesn’t speak much english. My principle, who does, spent the day hanging out with his float team members, which was rather annoying given that he invited me! It also involved an extended amount of time standing around in the sun watching the floats being dragged around, and then these puppet shows which are put on at the back of each of the five floats with moving marionette-type dolls. I have to say these were boring as I didn’t really understand what was going on, and by that time I was hot and hungry. Luckily a big lunch and a few beers followed, at my principles house-cum-gallery. I was pretty much the only gaijin there, and had to endure people repeatedly pointing at my slightly red (hot, rather than burnt – I was good with the factor 15 for once) face and arms, and commenting in Japanese about it.
I do love the Japanese, but I wish they weren’t quite so ignorant of foreigners. I mean jesus people, we’re white and come from cold countries – standing in the sun for four hours on a really hot day is not going to agree with our pasty constitutions. Get over it! And quit with the annoying comments! Also, it’s rude to make no attempt to involve, and indeed largely ignore, people who are on their own and have no idea what the conversation is about. Gah! I think I was spoilt by Kousei and his family – they were so hospitable, and the fact that we have the same outlook on things (chilling out with a beer is the main priority, rather than standing around looking at the same thing) helped considerably.
Anyhow, I think the fact that the principle and teacher were old didn’t help – I need to meet some younger people who are more into drinking and socialising than doing what old people do ;) I am getting more seriously on the dojo-finding case now, so that should help. And next weekend I am having an interview to place me in a Japanese class (to determine my level, rather than my suitability) which will be good to meet some more foreigners. Hopefully there will be some girls there, instead of the mainly hen na (strange) male population, who only come here for the girls.
OK, I’m gonna get out of here as I need to check my emails again later today anyway. Plus I need some food to soak up all this caffeine…

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