Three weekends ago (I did warn you about the incoming back-posting…) a few of us met up in the Meijokoen park which is the park that surrounds the castle here in Nagoya. It’s a nice big park with grass (something of a rarity here), fountains and a windmill.

Yes, an actual windmill.

The park is also a meeting place for dog owners, who seem happy to stand around chatting whilst their hairy little friends try and bugger the life out of their friends hairy little friends. Seriously – it’s like a doggy gang bang. The boy doggies jump on the girls, who try to run away and hide. All the while the owners seem completely oblivious to the gross sexual misconduct happening at their feet. It was actually quite disturbing and upsetting for those of us from countries where animal welfare is a big deal. Here is one of the more innocent pics, although you can see the brown poodle is in mid-run, and the black one is rapidly approaching its backside…

Afterwards we went out for drinkies in Nagoya, and Laura stole Martins hat, in which I’m sure you’ll agree she looks much better than he does.

This is Martin, who lives upstairs, and Sharifa, who lives downstairs. I’m not sure if I’ve introduced them yet ;) It’s not the most flattering picture of either of them, but it sure is funny.

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