Super hot sexy toy

Provocative post titles – ya gotta love ’em. But it’s not a fallacy – I do have a new toy and it’s in bed with me right now, lovingly nestled in my futon, teasing me with its sexy curves and shiny shininess. Yes folks, I have an iPhone.

It wasn’t something I was really planning – it just, ahem, happened. Over here mobile contracts are for 24 months, but our visas are only for 12. Normally the networks spread the cost of the handsets over the course of the contract, so if your phone costs ¥48,000 then you pay back ¥2000 per month on top of your contract. However, what us lucky gaijin have to do is pay those costs upfront. The phone I was going to get was ¥23,000 (the third cheapest they had!) but on the way to get the cash out I thought to myself for an extra 7k “why not”. Next thing I knew I had filled in a bunch of papers and was the proud owner of this sleek bundle of loveliness.

For about ¥4000 a month I get all-inclusive data – web browsing, YouTube, Google Map, weather forecast, podcasts, application and game downloads – the list is almost endless. If I spent enough time at the Internet cafe to actuallly read all my emails and blog posts I would definitely exceed this, and I wouldn’t have the convenience of all the stuff I mentioned above. Oh,I forgot to say that it’s an 8gb iPod too ;)

Much as I’d love to stay up all night with it, I’m going to have to go to sleep at the very early hour of 8.45. Here in Nagoya we are in the midst of a glimpse into mid-summer – it’s insanely hot and as a result I barely slept last night. Today though I have prepared – cold shower, balcony doors open, clothes discarded and a sleeping pill taken for good measure. Need to be double genki tomorrow as was a bit of a monger today. If you want my number or phone email address (Japan don’t do SMSin’) then drop me a line.

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