Yay weekend!

Finally, it’s the weekend. I’ve been fighting off a cold all week, mainly in the form of a sore throat and general dizzy/tiredness, so it’s good to have a few days of chill in front of me. Dinner was a celebratory TWO pieces of konbini fried chicken covered in tonkatsu sauce (like brown sauce but, dare I say it, nicer) plus a salad as the health-consciouness continues unabated (for the time being I won’t bother calling it a diet). Yum. The fried chicken is THE SHIT, MAN, as the irritating American upstairs whose phone conversation I can currently hear would say.

Anyhow, plans are as follows:

Tomorrow morning is Shinden’s sports day. Whilst not compulsory, and therefore not paid, I think it will be a good move to go (networking, dahling) and also I think it should be fun. The kids really are cute, and their sports day includes crazy things like paired racing in a giant pair of shorts and something involving large balls (?!).

That will finish at 2.30pm and after withdrawing some of my wages (wooooo) I’m gonna go do some food shopping. Specifically I will be
buying the ingredients to make umeshu, a super-sweet liquour made from green (young) apricots, sugar and shochu (a harsh white spirit). It’s really good, although will need over three months to mature.

I’m also going to get some video and pics of the flat. The furniture situation is as sorted as it’ll be for a while I think, plus I cleaned it the other day, so best strike whilst the iron’s shiny.

Meeting Jacob in the evening for dinner and going for Mexican food which be a welcome change from Soyaproductsland, and it’ll be good to catch up with him.

Sunday is nihongo lesson and then a trip to the net cafe for some coffee and video uploading. I also need to buy some clothes for work more suited to this weather. Specifically smart yet baggy clothes that won’t make me look like a sweaty mong.

For now, though, it’s a quick shower and an early night.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You’re so cruel! There is nothing worse than reading about someone else being off work while you’re stuck in a sweaty London office at five to four on a Friday. Damn that time difference! Have a great weekend, Mary x

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