Big Time Smuggling

A Japanese couple have been caught in Italy trying to smuggle $134 billion worth of U.S. bonds by train into Switzerland. It isn’t clear if the bonds are real or just really good fakes, but if they are real then Italy is quids-in. Their law says that the government can take a 40% cut of the value of any smuggled goods confiscated, and given their economy is fucked (supposedly, along with the U.K. and Japan, they are the mostest fucktest of all), this sum would make a very substantial dent into their national debt.

I kind of hope they are real, as it would cause a whole shit-storm to be unleashed, one which would probably go right back to what they plundered from China and the rest of Asia during their attempt to form an empire of their own, as well as to the rumoured stashes of “Nazi gold” from WW2.

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