Get your kid ready in 5 minutes

I wish I had a TV so I could watch more awesome stuff like this:

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  1. giuntacore says:

    You don’t want a Tv. Or if yo urealy do you can have mine, I never turn it on. Fuck, I kind of wish someone would take this fucking computer away from me.

    I hope your cold has gone away.Whats your vacation plans in august look like?

  2. says:

    Cold just about gone – just sucking back a load of mucusy crap now cuz I can’t blow my nose in class. I love it.

    Weirdly Laura offered me her TV too. IKWYM about the computer – I spend a lot of time playing games and reading the net on the iPhone – I almost preferred it when I had F-all to do.

    Will email about August holidays…

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