Yay to friends with blogs!

And boo to those without ;P

I have recently “re-discovered” two friends blogs. In both cases I was still subscribed to old RSS feeds when they’d clearly updated their sites yonks ago. First up is Jey’s Quid Fo’ Sho’. Jey is awesome and we used to work together at the also awesome Mind Candy. He has moved to the States and is blogging his experiences there. I was buzzed to read this morning that he has cited this very site as an influence. Yay!

The second rediscovery was Kristen’s blog. I met her through the same company but she is American and already lives in the States. She blogs about lots of cool stuff, including gaming and food.

I have also been reading the blogs of friends here who are doing the same as I – blogging their weird, wonderful and in some cases downright depraved experiences of Japan. I’ll let you decide what applies to which…

Also, I have really been enjoying, if that’s the right word, Alice and Kev, a blog following the life of two Sims in the recently-released Sims 3. They are a homeless father and his daughter and it’s fascinating to read about their fairly disastrous computer-generated life. (Worth starting from the begining on this one).

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  1. giuntacore says:

    AAAAAAWWWWWWW thanks DUDE!!! You shouldn’t have!

    I love how you update yours all the time! I’m so lazy!