I was out and about in Nagoya on Saturday with Sharifa and Jacob. On our way to dinner we walked passed a shop from which emanated loud yapping noises. Looking inside we were confronted with literally a wall of puppies.

Japan may think itself above the rest of Asia, but sadly when it comes to the treatment of animals they are much the same as their neighbours. The shop was crammed floor to ceiling with puppies in cages, most of which were either whining or sitting forlorny in their poo-filled cells. At least one was way too young to have been taken from its mother, and was actually shaking. They were on sale for around 100,000 yen – about 650 GBP.

Jacobs face says it all

This one was particularly cute – like a fluffy little fox.

After the pet shop, we wandered into a gay porn shop (as you do). I have been to sex shops in the UK – in London there is a three-floor “megastore” aimed primarily at women, but was amazed at just how tame this one was. Gay sex shops at home largely feature S&M gear, brutal looking things to put up various orifices and a number of other devices that are slightly baffling to a straight woman. This one, however, had some porn DVD’s (school-age boys giving each other blow-jobs dressed in school-girls uniforms, anyone?!), a couple of vibrators (“self massage machines”) that looked fresh from 1979, and a HUGE selection of tincey-wincey men’s pants, each packaged in a separate plastic wrapper. Whether they’d already been worn or not, we couldn’t figure out. All in all, a strange shade of disappointing.

(Sorry if I ruined the cuteness of the fluffy ickle doggies with talk of such fifth).

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