More fun at the chemist

Firstly, I am VERY excited about this new series. More excited than I was about the kyushoku one, which is saying something because I do love my school lunches. I have lots of things to post, but am going to not only try and keep them along a similar theme (for the time being this will be “weight control”) but I will also endeavour to provide a bit of commentary, background or explanation, so they’re not just contextless photos sitting on a page. Also, most importantly, I need a witty pun-filled name, and until I (or you – comments box below) come up with something I will be using lame titles.

OK, on to the next items. Below the diet pills in the last post was a large (by normal standards – I’d say it was a shelf of about three feet in length) section of laxative pills. I took the photo below because I liked the girly pink box. There were so many brands, and they didn’t look like the normal functional kind you buy (I have had the fun of having to get some here – rice babies and all that – and they were in an unobtrusive dark brown glass bottle) so I can only assume that they are used as a dieting “aid”. One day I will get to know a Japanese person well enough that I can ask them about these kinds of things…

Now, I’m not quite sure what to say about this next one. I will let you figure out what it is (don’t worry – that bit’s easy), but I am as clueless as you will be as to why it’s being sold in a high-street chemist under the diet pills and laxatives, along with about four other brands of the same thing. We saw a few in the previously mentioned gay porn shop, but the uses for them are obvious, but these… I dread to think. I wonder if people do it regularly at home? Maybe after a big meal of yaki niku and rice, just to loosen things up a bit? Perhaps anal sex here is massively popular? Perhaps it’s clean-freakery gone mad? Who the hell knows. Certainly not I.

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