“We’re all going on a…


Yays! I have finally booked my tickets for my summer holiday – over two weeks in Cambodia with one of my sisters. Awesome. Cannot wait!

Next week is the last week of the term (but sadly to be spent at my least favourite school), then I have a few weeks chilling round Nagoya (i.e. the beach), then it’s off to South East Asia with me. Will probably head over to Tokyo via some friends places when I’m back – will be nice to get back into a proper city for a few days sight- and friend- seeing, although sadly Lawrence, who is just coming up to his last week, will have gone home.

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  1. Jey B says:

    Given that this country I moved to gives you *crap all* holiday, I was wondering… what’s the standard number of days holiday over in Japan?

    PS. Thanks for the blog link – you almost, almost got me to update it.