Wooooooo! Ass-whooping here we come…

I just made my first ever phone call to a non-Anglicised Japanese person, and I didn't mess it up. Yay! AND (it gets better) I will be attending his dojo tomorrow. Double yays! Finally got my arse sorted to find a dojo (the laborious bit), sort out where in Nagoya it actually is (the hard bit) and make the contact to check it's ok (the scary bit, when their email doesn't work). I will give you the website when I'm online tomorrow, but they look pretty good and train four times a week in two different places. When I have a bike I will be able to cycle to both of them.

To celebrate my efforts I am having kare raisu (Japanese curry and rice), breaking my No Carbs On A Schoolnight tradition. Also, training four times a week means no more bloody running. Brilliant.

Ahh, one last thing… Mum and Dad, I am insured :)

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