Drugstore Wonderland: Ooki na oppai ga hoshi?

If you’re in the very unfortunate position of having small boobs and being hungry, then try these cookies and munch your way to a pair of boin’in’ F-cups! And yes, in case you’re actually wondering, the Japanese have tiny boobs. It’s awesome – in comparison my look HUGE! ;)

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2 Responses

  1. giuntacore says:

    Something culturally relative and tasteful.
    Glad to see your time wasnt completely wasted on sightseeing and lush vacations

  2. gai.ninja says:

    Haha it wasn’t! Got some more of these weird things to post too – they’re my fillers if I think people are getting bored of me blathering about what I do all the time.

    Actually had a dream about you and a bunch of the other Intercackers last night – that we were back in some hotel eating an amazing buffet. They had all this sushi, then another section with loads of chocolate cake and pastries. It was awesome.

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