Plans, glorious plans

Didn’t want to blog this prematurely in case it never came off, but I’m going to Tokyo tomorrow for a few days, and Kosei’s just confirmed I can stay with them – YAY! Not only will this save on a hotel, but I will also get to sample Yukiko’s fine culinary skills (although the post-holiday diet means restraint will be required). Kentaro, who started elementary school in April, has left all his homework until the last minute and I’ve been asked to help with that in return – should be fun! Homework’s an awesome idea when you don’t have to do it, no? I hope my students have done what I left them…

I miss Tokyo. Nagoya is not only smaller, newer and has less to do, the people are super-conservative and don’t have the wordly, relaxed (as far as the Japanese go) vibe of Tokyoites. I’m looking forward to getting back and kicking back for a while :). The main purpose of the trip is to watch the Wado Ryu nationals, and to meet up with Corin, my instructor last year in between me leaving Japan and coming back again. I’m also hoping to make the trip up to the Shiramizu dojo (home of ex-interns Larence, Carl and Amy) to meet the new interns and hopefully do some training. Apart from that it’ll be a bit of sightseeing and a lot of walking. And, let’s be honest here, a touch of shopping, like the shoes from SouSou I never got around to buying last year.

Today will therefore be a whirlwind of packing, omiyage buying, perishable food consumption and Cambodia blogging. Best get cracking!

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