Domino’s Pizza overload

Just like in every other developed country, we get a tonne of junk food leaflets through our letter box (I also get actual junk food – found out this morning that a friend had posted a donut through two days ago!). Unlike in most other countries, however, the cuisine is limited to one main type – pizza and other “Italian” food. I normally flick through them, drool over the delicious looking but expensive and calorie-packed items, and put them straight on the recycle pile. However, the latest one from Domino’s featured something so… logical, yet so wrong, so right, yet so over-the-top, that I decided it would be wrong of me not to share it with you all.

The items in question are these:

Don’t they look delicious? But lordy, I cannot imagine something that’s more likely to put your body into some sort of refined food and cheese coma. I mean seriously, who would come up with such an idea? A load of refined flour, covered in a creamy-cheesey sauce, a few bits of processed meat added for good measure, served in a bowl made from pizza base, and covered with even more cheese?! The very idea of it makes my mouth water and my stomach turn. And they could be yours for the teeny price of just ten pounds and 20 pence!
I’m sure I’ve whet your appetite, so here is the rest of the menu: page one, page two, page three and page four. To give you some idea on pricing, the medium (25cm) pizza featured on the top of page two would set you back 17 pounds and 43 pence! Click here if you want to do any more currency conversions.

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