MokuMoku is probably the bestest restaurant in the whole of Nagoya. The fact it’s a buffet and I’m a pig has nothing whatsoever to do with this fact, oh no siree. Despite having been twice already, last time I decided to photoblog the experience to give you a taste of what you’re missing. If you’re in Nagoya I definitely recommend checking it out. Heck, there might even be a branch near you – check out the website (recruit a Japanese person to help – tell them it’s a matter of utmost importance!).

On your table is a sectioned wooden tray to put things in – my hand is to the right of this shot for scale. For starters I normally start with their fine selection of salads and cold meats:

Clockwise from the cherry tomato at the top:

  • something made with kobou – a long root vegetable reminiscent of Jerusalem artichokes.
  • sliced meats of undefined origin
  • potato salad
  • mashed tofu salad (much nice than it sounds)
  • cold glass noodle and sweet chilli sauce salad
  • a couple of slices of sweet potato
  • sausage salad
  • in the middle are some mushrooms
  • below that are a few bits of konnyaku (a weird jelly-like thing made from burdock root)
  • some kind of coleslaw
  • tomato and red onion salad
  • aubergine and miso salad

You also get free fruit and vegetable juices. This is Jacob enjoying some weird green concoction.

Next up were the mains. In the bowls on the outside, from top to bottom:

  • rice soup
  • tempura veg – aubergine, onion, sweet potato
  • couple of types of rice
  • cold tofu

On the main plate, clockwise from the fish:

  • a couple of grilled fish
  • scotch eggs (really, sukochi egusu being their Japanese name) cooked in a delicious mushroom gravy
  • some kind of mochi (sweet rice cake)
  • sausage with mustard and ketchup (yay! Only got this so I could have an excuse to smother it in sauces)
  • vegetables slow-cooked in miso
  • fried swwet beans
  • some kind of tasty offal dish
  • and in the middle is another tofu dish – maybe mapou tofu

Jacob avec sakana.

Finally, the puddings. Yum yum yum. Always worth saving room for these. In the cup on the top right is coffee – also free. Clockwise from the black bowl:

  • hot sweet red bean (adzuki) “soup” with mochi. Love this stuff.
  • another sweet mochi as mentioned above
  • some kind of cheesecake-type-thing (grape, maybe)
  • fresh figs!
  • fried bread dusted with sugar (this is a killer – lovely, but guaranteed to tip your full guts over the edge and into “sick mode”
  • green tea ice cream

I have to confess to having seconds of a few items for the main course, and another serving of ice cream. By the time we left I felt so full that I couldn’t even burp for fear of being sick. Couldn’t eat anything for the rest of the day.

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