PaddyWatch – Week 17

It’s been a long time since we checked up on our old friends Mr and Mrs Ricicle and their millions of siblings. I’m sure you’ve been feeling sick with anticipation, waiting with a knot in your stomach to see what has been happening to them over the summer break. Well, I can reliably inform you it’s this: quite a lot. No further growth height-wise has taken place, but they have sprouted their heads, grains of rice a-dangling, and seem to be in their final phase of drying out before harvest, hence the fact that they are now more yellow than green (this is all pure conjecture, of course – all the rice growing articles online are very scientific and not really aimed at a paddy-voyeur).

As an extra-special treat, here’s a little factlet I did uncover: rice provides one fifth of the calories consumed by mankind.

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