RIP, Keith

It’s sad news indeed that both Patrick Swayze and Keith Floyd have died in the last few days. I’m of the generation brought up on these guys, but despite Swayze making some amazing films, it’s good ole’ Keith I’ll miss the most.

Long before Jamie came along with his laid-back style and chatty demeaner, Keith was already doing it, in front of the camera with a glass of wine in his hand. Before Rick Stein even dreamt of travelling around cooking fish on a tiny barbecue on top of a cliff on the most remote bay in Scotland, Keith was already there, doing it with a glass of wine in his hand. And certainly before the cult of the celebrity chef invaded us, Keith was there, cooking up a fresh and tasty storm, with a glass of wine in his hand.

Free of bullshit and full of enthusiasm, his programs were always enjoyable and ones that I remember staying up late to watch when I was a kid. It is indeed ironic that he died not only after being told that he had the all-clear from cancer, but also as he settled down to watch a documentary on himself on TV.
RIP, Keith – cheers!

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