The Week in One Post

One of the changes I want to make to this blog is to reduce the number of smaller posts, and do more substantial ones, primarily about Japanese life and karate. I’ve therefore decided to do the odd weekly report to bundle-up photos and other bits and pieces into one place. Never fear, though – Drugstore Wanderland, Kyushoku and PaddyWatch will remain as the frivolous goodness they are!

This week started with a spate of domesticity. I cleaned the balcony, which yielded about four dead cicada, accumulated whilst I was on my travels. They are big and stupid and tend to fly into the balcony doors, fll on the ground and land on their back, where they die. This is fine by me as I hate big flying insects. Here is a picture of one with my house key for scale:

I re-potted one of my plants for the second time since April. Here it is next to its original pot. The secret to maing them grow big like this is watering them with the left over water from rinsing rice. Seriously. Works like a fertiliser. Also, giving them any left over green tea has the same effect.

I bought my first daikon (a type of big radish), and made two soups – one with ika (cuttlefish), cabbage and a shoyu/dashi stock, and the other a simple miso. Cooking daikon is one of the most traditional japanese kitchen smells, I think, and reminded me of being back at the Suzuki’s place.

The other food purchase was a large quantity of fish, procured from the local supermarket late at night when everything is marked down. At the top of this photo are two packs, each with four fillets, of aji, horse mackrel, which I got for ¥300, down from about ¥800. Below that are three pieces of normal mackrel in a sesame and ginger marinade. Yum. I wrapped them all in cling-film and chucked them in the freezer with the rest of my cheap fish. 11 bits of fresh fish for about three quid is pretty pleasing. Not so pleasing is the price of a lemon to go with them – ¥158!Wednesday saw the return to school, which wasn’t pleasant as I suffered insomnia every night and consequently spent the days feeling like a zombie. This made teaching and indeed doing anything productive very hard!

Hitting my new terms goals was mostly successful. I have been doing daily Japanese word lists, comprising of new vocab, verbs and words I overhear and recognise in conversations. The actual memorisation of these, due to the aforementioned insomnia, hasn’t gone as well as I’d hoped, however! I’ve pushed the karate up to about four times a week, again the tiredness affected this and hopefully this week will see it hitting five. The sociability went well, and I arranged a hiking trip yesterday to walk the 8km stretch of the Nakasendo between Tsumago and Magome. Will do an extra post with the photos from this. Next week I am meeting my karate Sensei’s daughter, having dinner with my friend Meaghan and collecting my bike, which Laura left me. The blogging changes I have mentioned, ditto the Japanese food.

All in all a successful week, and if I can get to sleep before 1am tonight then the next one will be even better!

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