Bit of a let down

Well, I’m still alive, the house is still standing, and all is as it was with the world. The typhoon was, sadly (for me) a bit of a let down. There was a lot of rain and strong winds overnight, which kept me awake and made the sleep I did have rather fretful, but by mid-morning they had calmed down, and by lunchtime the skies were blue and this was the view out of my window:

However, on the very-positive-indeed side, the trains didn’t start until after lunch, which meant a big fat DAY OFF. Awesome. Had a reasonably productive one doing washing and cleaning, cooking a big pot of kare raisu (and eating most of it) and making my first money transfer back home, which made me feel warm inside (helped by all the chilli).

I also did something I meant to do last weekend, but was beaten at – collecting ginna (ginko) nuts in the park. Last Saturday I went out intending to do it, but found no fruits on the ground and lots of fruits in a enourmous bag being lugged along by an old lady whose back was so rounded she was about three feet tall. Yesterday, I thought I’d be cunning and rely on the fact that the weather would have resulted in a literal windfall. There were lots of people out collecting, but I still managed to get a decent stash and, after cleaning the stinky fruit off, they are drying on the balcony. There are a few pics here, and googling will bring up more information, along with stories of the revolting stench that the fruits have, that resembles red-wine vomit.

Since the last typhoon-related post, I’ve discovered that there was a massive typhoon in this are 50 years ago, almost exactly to the day on September 26th. Known as Typhoon Vera, it struck the Ise peninsular, killing 5,000 people and injuring 40,000. You can read more on Wikipedia. Below is a video mock-up aired on Japanese news in the last few days, showing a computer-generation of what could happen if a predicted catastrophically large storm hits. The last few shots show the front of Nagoya station – the round pointy thing being our usual meeting spot when we hang out in Nagoya.

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  1. giuntacore says:

    Ya I got part of the day off too be acuse of the trains. But i had to make it in to teach a 6th period class.
    Typhoon, youre a disappointment.
    But who knows, maybe theyll be another one.

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