Drugstore Wonderland – a good Riff!

I have to confess that I saw the advert for these first and tracked them down in the chemist afterwards, but despite not being a true discovery in the Wonderland of Drugstores, they are still quite funny (in a “peculiar” way as much as a “haha” way). They are, as the picture on the box suggests, little pads that you stick onto your clothes to stop sweat marks showing.

During the summer, myself and my gaijin friends all sweated like pigs, as, in fact, did the locals. But whereas it’s ok for a Japanese man to carry a towel, sometimes permanently draped over his neck, to mop away his perspiration, women have to maintain the veneer that they have absolutely no bodily functions or flaws whatsoever (something that goes hand-in-hand with the wee noises in the toilets, the excessive use of foundation, padded bras and myriad of other products covering up imperfections that to us Brits would be perfectly acceptable, if not expected). I would love to know their sales figures! Here’s the TV ad from YouTube, staring a famous Japanese entertainer:

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