Drugstore Wonderland – Look ma, no hairs!

Unsurprisingly, the range of depilatory products available in Japan is huge. Actually, perhaps that is surprising, given that it seems to be a commonly-held assumption that Asians do not sport vast amounts of body hair. Of course, that’s not true – they are hairy too, and the curse of hair removal is a blight on Japanese womens lives as much as it is on Westerners lives! Also, some of us are lucky enough to be blessed with blonde leg hairs and can get away without shaving much (as long as no-one gets too close…) but if you’re Asian it’s pretty much guaranteed to be dark and obvious.

I saw these last weekend and couldn’t quite figure out what they were, so took a few snaps and did some googling:

They are hair removal pads that you rub on the skin and they remove hairs by using some kind of sand-paper effect. From reading some reviews they don’t sound that effective so I won’t be buying one. Actaully I had my legs threaded in Cambodia, and since then far fewer hairs have been growing. Have been considering getting them waxed for the first time, but then I realised: I’m single and it’s nearly winter, so bollocks to it all, I say.

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