Shinden School Festival – Saturday

This weekend is the highlight of the school year for Shinden Elementary School – the festival. It’s parents day, uber-activity-fest and a traditional matsuri rolled into one, and takes place over two days. Since I need to clear space on my camera’s memory card, I figured I may as well use the photo upload time to blog yesterday’s activities.

The morning saw each class put on various presentations and plays related to things they had done throughout the previous year. The sucjects included school trips as well as things like recycling and bike safety.

I started in the himawari (“sunflower” aka speacial needs) class, which is my favourite class. They were making washi paper, by folding it and dipping it into different coloured dyes to create a tie-dye effect. Mine is on my desk, waiting to be turned into something cool.

Next up was Hitomi’s (Kato Sensei) class, who did a series of presentations on their trip to Nara.

This is Hitomi’s class again, doing a presentation on some ruins in Nara. The boy on the left, Kosei, is hilarious.

I think this is the fourth grade (the morning quickly turned into a blur of different presentations of various levels of incomprensibility).

In the afternoon, everyone, including me, got kitted out in their festival togs, which consisted of a happi, tabi boots and a headscarf, the name of which I’ve now forgotten, and took the dashi (floats) out for a trip around the neighbourhood.

But not before we watched… the local brass brand, which was accompanied by some American-style cheer leaders who danced along and waved flags. (?!).

And here I am, in front of the smallest dashi. I had to wear shades – it was squint-o-rama bright without.

I was pulling alongside the 6th grade girls, and lent them my camera to get some pics of eachother. I now have about 20 photos of girls in various poses doing the V sign ;)

And finally, we got them back to school and could wind up for the day, ready to start again tomorrow…

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