The trials and tribulations of unko

Fiona, aka. Fiona Sensei, is teaching a sixth grade class in a bright and airy classroom on the third floor of the elementary school, in which she has been tirelessly slaving for the past nine months. The topic of the days lesson is “My Daily Routine”, which is progressing relatively smoothly, until all of a sudden she gets summoned by a group of boys at one side of the room.
Shunsuke: Fiona Sensei, Fiona Sensei, unko wa nani, eigo de? [What’s unko in
Fiona: Unko? *looks confused, executes brain-search for alternate meaning of
unko, fails to find one*
Shunsuke: Hai, unko.
Fiona: Err… *draws unko on a bit of paper* kore? [This?]
Shunsuke: Hai, unko. Nan to iimasuka? [Yes, what do you say?]
Fiona: Errr… *stifles giggle, writes katakana on paper, looks into boys face, which
is flushed with anticipation* POO.
Shunsuke: PUUU?
Fiona: Hai. Poo.
Having earlier explained that the word “morning” in the phrase “good morning” (which up until now has been repeated at the start of every class, parrot-fashion) does in fact mean “morning” (asa), Shunsuke had been armed with all the knowledge required to make the following awesome brain-leap, one so inspired that weary old Fiona Sensei would never have expected it.
Shunsuke: MORNING PUUU!!!
Fiona: *laughs loudly and whole heartedly*
Japanese teacher: *smirks:
Boys: *in hysterics*
About to leave the class, Fiona Sensei is posed one more question…
Shunsuke: Ban [evening] wa nan to iimasuka?

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4 Responses

  1. Martin says:

    うんこ is in my dictionary!

    うんち is the babytalk version apparently.

  2. says:

    Kotoba is the best dictionary ever! Many times a Japanese person has said “oh no, that won’t be in your dictionary”, only for me to find it. “Yabai” is one example – you’ll hear it a lot in the classroom.

    BTW, updated the sick post with your myspace link.

  3. Haha, excellent story. I only speak karate japanese (a few useful terms here and there). Becoming more acquainted with the language is one thing I truly need to do.

  4. giuntacore says:

    Even I knew what that meant, but maybe thats cause I get called that daily at the High School I work at.