Kyushoku – Friday 5th February

Once again, it’s been far too long since I posted one of these, but here you are – revel in the glory of my Friday lunch!

Clockwise from the gyunyu (I hope you’ve been learning your vocab!):
  • gyunyu
  • kuri-mu ko-n chi-chu (cream corn stew)
  • tarutaru so-su (the white sachet. It has taken me until today to realise that tartaruis the Japanese attempt to bastardise the word tartar to fit their way of pronouncing things)
  • kokoa gyunyu no moto (a tube of thick chocolate flavouring to squeeze into the milk carton)
  • sandouichi ro-ru (sandwich roll)
  • boiru kyabetsu (boiled cabbage)
  • ebi katsu ba-ga- (breaded prawn burger)
Rating: 4/5

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1 Response

  1. giuntacore says:

    That clam chowder looks so bad.
    do you ever eat umeboshi?