Kyushoku – Monday 22nd February

Since yesterdays lunch was special, in that we could choose either a rice-based-porky thing (as I did) or a steamed Chinese pork bun, so I thought I’d get a snap.

Clockwise, the meal was:
  • gyunyu
  • chukachimaki mochi (sticky) rice with pork steamed in a bamboo leaf
  • chukamen – chu signifies that something comes from China (Chugoku), and these are Chinese-style noodles.
  • chanponfu – chanpon just means mixed, so it was a soup of various ingredients
  • chingensai no goma ae – green vegetable with sesame dressing
Rating: 4/5
If there are leftovers, the kids can go and help themselves. Sometimes I do too, but only if there is a lot left, or the kids clearly don’t like it. For some children kyushoku will be their main meal of the day (bad parenting is as prevalent here as it is in every other country) so I try not to deprive anyone. Yesterday, however, there was one steamed pork bun left over, and since the Japanese teacher joined in the game of janken (rock/scissors/paper), I thought I would to. As it turned out, I won. Woo! I split the bun with the girl I lost against, Ranze, who is one of my favourite students.

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