Last time I was at this school, I was invited to take part in a mass shodou – Japanese calligraphy – session in the gym, along with the fifth and sixth grades. It was absolutely freezing, as you can see by the layers of clothes, especially since I had to remove my gloves to hold the brush! The headteacher gave me these photos yesterday, printed out in glossy A4 – sweet! Some time this week I am due to receive the piece itself, mounted on a hangable backing. I’ll post that, and an approximate translation of the meaning, when I get it.

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4 Responses

  1. I love this! If only graphic design courses in England taught this maybe it would subvert the fashion for drawing on public walls…

    This meaningful-saying-painted-in-big-swathes-of-sooty-black-ink lark – along with knitting – is my idea of what might be in heaven, and makes me want to learn Japanese!

  2. giuntacore says:

    hey that looks like a lot of fun, how dare you have fun at school.
    why dont you go back to class where the kids break things

  3. says:

    Hi Lizzie :) I think you would love shodou. It’s not so much about the writing, as the meditative process – clearing your mind and letting that calmness flow down onto the paper. Really amazing. Funnily enough a girl called Rona – – commented on one of my other posts. She does shodou and has some amazing pieces on her website.

    Japanese too is an amazing language – I love learning the meaning behind the kanji. For example, the kanji for “mouth” is the same as the one for “exit” and “entrance”. The kanji for “old” is the one for “mouth” combined with the one for “ten”, since ten generations of mouths to feed is considered a long time. Really fascinating. But of course very difficult to get ones head around!

    How is everything with you? I asked my parents to send you my best via you Dad and Lynne when they had lunch the other day!

  4. hey great! I didn’t realise they were seeing each other – will make sure I find out more… xxx